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Kia Cerato II with mileage

A beautiful car, still appearing as it is today, besides, it promises small investments in operation, taking into account the simplicity and low cost of construction. Or not? We will understand: in the first part we study the body, interior, electrics and chassis, in the second we will touch the engines and transmission.

Finding a Cerato that was badly damaged by corrosion will probably not work – the cars are still quite fresh. However, the original paintwork is not very resistant. Chips on the hood, sills, the edges of the wings and wheel arches – is common. It rarely comes to rust, because parts are galvanized, which cannot be said about the roof, the joint of which with the windshield may well be “flowered”. There are “mushrooms” also on the trunk lid (they “climb” from under the license plate niche), under the film on the door frames and in the attachment points for door handles that scratch paintwork. It seems to be nothing terrible yet, but the body is clearly not a long-lived.

Inspection of the car from the bottom is no cause for concern. The bottom is mostly well covered. The brackets, front bumper beam and the ends of the spars are covered with surface corrosion, but not so intense. Worse, if there is dirt under the front lockers or behind the left arch for a plastic pipe filler neck. This should be checked on a lift and subsequently periodically cleaned so that the body does not rot from the inside.

If there was no accident, for the body (for now) you can not worry too much. But if there are accidents in the biography, then there is a problem with a clearly insufficient sealing of the welds. They are deformed by a strong impact and slowly begin to corrode from the inside. Therefore, carefully inspect the seams in the engine compartment – characteristic yellowing are even unbeaten cars.

If you hear a strange unpleasant sound, as if something is rubbing, this “frill” is an overhead niche cover that touches the windshield. You can put up with it, but you can put an additional rubber seal, at the same time blocking the access of moisture into the niche and reducing the risks of clogging up drains with dirt.

The big trouble is the loss of the lower mirror caps, there is a technological hatch. They are not sold separately, and buying a new mirror case is economically unprofitable.

Castles cast in literally a couple of years are the merit of a “successful” selection of alloys in their construction. If the larvae are still alive, it is better to lubricate something like ATF and put “mersedesovskie” plugs in addition to the regular ones. Removing the lock cylinder for maintenance and repair is easy enough – everything rests on a single bolt, you just need to do it in advance, until it is sour. However, the majority of cars do not work locks, and as long as the battery does not sit down, forcing the key to get into the larva, the owners will not be bothered.

To top it off, we can mention door stoppers, which are consumables. Fortunately, replacement nylon “crackers” are easy to find on sale.

Finishing materials – quite low cost and requiring care. So, the leather steering wheel peels off very quickly: if you have the habit of “holding the wheel” when you return to the middle position, get ready for a waist, and very soon. In the most neglected cases, the steering wheel loses its presentation by as many as 50-60 thousand.

On the seats, the problems of covering are not so noticeable, especially since they are woven on most cars. The main problem is not the wear of the covers, but corrosion of the slide, which spoils the look of the cabin and prevents adjustment. Heated seat failures are usually associated with an unsuccessful push (for example, a knee) on a pillow or with a terminal block under the seat.

The floor carpet is inexpensive and thin. He does not collect moisture, but practically no sound insulation is provided – an additional “Shumka” will be useful here.

The climate system is relatively reliable: a warm stove, a fan with a resource of thousands under 200, a simple air conditioning compressor, where problems can be delivered unless the clutch bearing is traditionally a weak point of many Korean cars. But here the drive of dampers is rather weak: for breakage there is enough dried lubricant in the guide arm. If you hear a creak, it is recommended to disassemble, clean and lubricate again.

From minor problems: the left stalk lever breaks with fans to turn the light on their own – the wiring inside breaks. Usually, PTF is the first to fail or high beam starts to light up. Well, if it stops opening the hood, then, most likely, it fell off with a flimsy plastic fixing cable.

Electrics and electronics
A simple machine design does not imply any complicated electrics, and this can in a certain sense be considered a plus – there are few problems at all, and there are no expensive ones in principle.

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