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Test: What suits you best, Lada Vesta Sport or Kia ProCeed?

1. Should a charged car attract attention?

Connoisseurs at the sight of the ProSide silhouette will recall the term “shocking break”, and the decision of the back (especially the lights!) Of the station wagon has long been dubbed the repetition of the Porsche lines. The Korean station wagon looks even more expensive than it actually does, attracting much more attention to its person (and owner) than the “little wolf in sheep’s clothing” with the rook on the grid.

Vesta Sport for a motorist who is far from Lad is just “the next new Lada”. Of course, the new kit added aggression, and thanks to the reduced ground clearance and a large seventeen-inch “rollers” sports Vesta looks more interesting than usual. But … no more than that: to produce a “wow effect” with the help of this car is unlikely to work.

2. Could you buy a smart on Android instead of an iPhone?
A charged Kia station wagon costs more than half of a Lada in a half to two times – and that’s a lot. The version with a 1.4-liter turbo engine is estimated at one and a half million rubles, and the 200-strong ProCeed 1.6 T just falls short of the two symbolic 100 rubles (not thousands, but rubles). That is, for a comparable Korean car, you need to give one and a half Vesta, and for a more powerful one, you can buy another “spare” Lada.

On the one hand, Lada for a million is not quite familiar and not too budget. But on the other hand, the Vesta with the Sport prefix is ​​still out of competition in terms of “sportiness” for every ruble spent – just like a smartphone running Android OS compared to the iPhone.

3. Will your wife drive in your car?

The seven-speed ProCeed robotic transmission lacks the third pedal, although the transmissions can be switched manually if desired (or on the track) using the petals on the steering wheel. However, in traffic jams, the “automation” of the box will allow you not to be distracted by unnecessary movements with your left foot and right hand, while the Russian competitor substitutes only the mechanical transmission controls for the driver’s limbs.

Technique Vesta Sport – this is the only combination of a 145-horsepower engine of 1.8 liters and a five-speed manual box JR5. Therefore, in the language of stereotypes, Lada is a male car. But also objectively in a big city in inevitable traffic jams, endless manipulations with the clutch pedal and gear lever will delight perhaps the most notorious fans of the “pen”. The rest behind the wheel of Vesta will be much sadder than in the “two-pedal” Kia.

4. How often do you update your fleet?

Having paid from one and a half million for a brand new car, the owner of ProCeed can count on a five-year warranty from the manufacturer, while at Lada this privilege will expire after 36 months. True, it is advisable not to travel too much, because after 100,000 kilometers wound, the warranty will no longer apply to both Vesta Sport and ProSide.

The frequency of the MOT at Kia and Lada is the same – once every 15,000 km or 12 months. However, manufacturers’ warranty obligations with the same mileage (100,000 km) are almost doubled – the warranty on Vesta Sport will end three years later. Therefore, it makes sense for those who are accustomed to repairing their car for someone else’s bills as long as possible for a Korean competitor – but remembering that they will have to pay at least one and a half times more.

5. Do you believe in the celebration of modern technology?

Only boost: under the hood, the Korean wagon will in any case be a turbine, thanks to which, with a modest working volume of the “younger” version 1.4 T, the ProCeed develops almost the same power (140 hp) as the 1.8-liter Vesta with the prefix Sport, well, the 200-strong version does not leave Lada any chance. After all, Kia engines with less litter give out 242 and 265 Nm, respectively – and this is precisely the triumph of more modern Kia technologies.

No boost: the 1.8-liter sixteen-valve Lada engine develops 145 “horses”, which differ quite “atmospheric” character. A competitor, under the hood, will in any case have a turbine, which is a symbol of modern technology. The Vesta Sport has just a good engine, which is more powerful than the engines of the “ordinary” Lad, but against the modern hot-hatch and Korean “hot-wagon” Russian sedan with its 184 Nm of maximum torque there are no weighty arguments.

6. Do you have a friend on Gazelle?

A stylish shocking break in life turns out to be a fairly practical wagon, the spacious “womb” of which holds 594 liters of cargo according to the VDA method, even though the rear pillars are heavily littered for beauty. By folding the backseat, you can achieve almost 1,000 liters of usable gain, receiving a total of 1,545 liters. And this is a confident victory over the Lada with a sedan, which is fixed by such pleasant trifles as an organizer for trifles in the “underground” and a luggage compartment, driving along special “rails”.

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