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Rust, but not break: buy Hyundai Tucson

In the past five years, the share of crossovers of all stripes is growing by leaps and bounds. Now it is the most popular car class in Russia. Yes, crossovers buy more than all the Solaris and Polo combined. It is clear that fans of “off-road vehicles” are divided into old-school comrades, for whom the presence of a third lever or modern “washer” in a car is an essential attribute, and into motorists who need “full” drive and increased ground clearance to park in a light snowdrift. Today we talk about the second category. It’s no secret that we have a huge number of fans of Renault Duster and even Cherie Tiggo. That is, lovers of inexpensive crossovers. Against this background, it is even a bit strange that Hyundai Tucson has not become as popular as the same Duster. Maybe the whole thing in its name?

What and how are we looking for?
With the name in Russia, Hyundai Tucson is really out of luck. Not only that the correct Hyundai is pronounced both as Hyundai and Hyundai, and as soon as they do not bow, the word Tucson does not give in to transcription at all. Here you and Tuskan, and Tuxan, and Tushkan, and Tucson. It will be correct after all Tussan, so we will call him and we will. Now let’s see what we have to look for.

The first fact that facilitates the task is the lack of restyling of the first generation as such. During the release from 2004 to 2009, some changes were made, but they concerned only the complete sets, so it’s enough to look for the most fresh car, not worrying that it has spoiled the restyling (and this happens, oddly enough).

The choice of engines is small. And, by and large, there is simply nothing: petrol engines are good, and a diesel engine on such runs can pretty surprise an unprepared buyer … No, while the cars were new, the choice of the two-liter D4EA diesel engine made sense: it pulls well and the fuel consumption it is less than that of gasoline. But now you are very lucky if you do not have to invest in fuel equipment (first of all – in the injectors and fuel injection pump), and the fight with the EGR system with a mileage of about 150 thousand will definitely start. So investments in the engine can block all of its diesel savings.

There are only two petrol engines: the two-liter inline “four” G4GC of the Beta family and the 2.7-liter V6 G6BA of the Delta II family. Both engines are good in their own way. The first one may seem a bit weak for a crossover, but it is slightly cheaper to maintain. True, he will also have to adjust the valve clearances – there are no hydraulic compensators here.

Well, the V6, of course, delivers noticeably better dynamics. But it is quite voracious (especially with the AKP) and sometimes suffers from faulty intake manifold with variable geometry, leading to intake air intake.

To the gearbox of questions is also a minimum. Even Tussan’s automatics are very rarely upset. Paired with two-liter engines is a box F4A42-2 / W4A42, and with a 2.7-liter – F4A51 / W4A51. These automatic transmissions were developed by Hyundai together with Mitsubishi, and their mechanical part usually serves no less than 300 thousand kilometers. Resource lining torque converter, glands, gaskets and solenoids strongly depends on the operating conditions, but even if you suddenly need to repair the box, it is not too expensive. Although, of course, it is better to avoid heavily “left” cars.

Well, everything else we look at in practice. We put in our pockets invented five hundred thousand and go to see what’s what.

“Looking for a fool more stupid than himself” …
For some reason, I often remember this song by Yegor Letov, looking at how some sellers are trying to get their cars in the car. Here is a car of 2008 with a mileage of 68 thousand kilometers for 500 thousand rubles.

It is clear that the years take their toll, and the car does not have traces of the most careful operation. Moreover, it is a shame, because Tussan rusts much more often than it breaks – it does not have galvanized paint under it. Here, small foci of corrosion are ready to seize a springboard for further rapid reproduction. Although technically the car is close to ideal.

Much could be corrected if it were not for one “but”. How much is there, say, mileage? Oh, 68 thousand? Oh well.

Salon Tussana already wears out quickly. But for 68 thousand so it is impossible to tear the knob of the gearbox lever. And in general it is easy to calculate: the car is 11 years old, and the mileage is 68 thousand. The average annual mileage is slightly more than six thousand kilometers. It is in the megalopolis of something. Smacks of fraud. The wheel also confirms this fear.

In general, there is no interest in this car: it does not make sense to predict its actual mileage and, consequently, future (perhaps very soon) investments … We go further.

“This is strange!”
The next car is also in 2008, with the same two-liter engine, but with automatic transmission. It is cheaper – 440 thousand, but more mileage – 120 thousand kilometers.

By phone they said that it was almost perfect. Not damaged, not painted, technically sound. The question immediately arises on the spot: if it is without a traffic accident in history, then where does such a gap come from?

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